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The District includes the City of Fond du Lac, and the Townships of Fond du Lac, Empire, Eden, Byron, Oakfield, Lamartine and Eldorado

"Proven Leadership with Time-Tested Conservative Principles". 

 Take a look at the "NEWS" tab and see recent interviews with Wisconsin Eye  and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Q&A to learn more about my views on a variety of issues

ENDORSEMENT FROM THE CURRENT DIST #52 REP JEREMY THISEFELDT:  "When I made the decision to not seek reelection for the 52nd District seat, I had immediate concerns of finding a highly qualified individual who could honorably serve this community in the years ahead of us. I couldn't be more pleased than to have Jerry O'Connor as the Republican candidate for WI's 52nd District in the Nov. 8 election. Jerry has been a solid community voice for many years and has nobly served many conservative causes. He is a man of great Christian character, a quality that will serve him well as he represents his constituents. I endorse Jerry for this position and encourage others to cast their vote in his favor on November 8 as well."

Who else is supporting our Campaign?

 CLICK ON THE [ENDORSEMENT TAB]  TO See the more than 200 Endorsements received 

40 Endorsements come from elected officials around our District.  

I would like to introduce myself and ask for your help in the upcoming August 9th Republican Primary and November 8th General Elections for the 52nd District Assembly Seat. With a new crisis announced each week, we are living in challenging and even dangerous times.  We need proven leadership and someone who can continue to effectively communicate sound conservative principles in the course of government debate.

Following an announcement by our current Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt to finish out his a career at the Wisconsin Lutheran Academy in FDL, I made a decision to run for the 52nd District seat. Jeremy is someone whom we have campaigned for in the past. and if he were running again, Luanne and I would continue to support him because of his exceptional character, stance on the issues, knowledge and integrity in office. 

I am leaving the business and banking community and feel compelled to continue that strong conservative voice and representation for the 52nd District.  I could simply choose to retire but I find the issues around us and in front of us too significant to be a bystander.  My background has provided me with a wealth of knowledge of the issues and the political exchanges we are faced with.  Today I have the time, passion and commitment to make a difference in our State of Wisconsin, so with your vote, I will stand for conservative values for this 52nd District in the Wisconsin legislature.   How?  Start by....

“Turning Madison Right Side Up”

Pocketbook issues: Leftist policies have brought us crippling shortages, rising prices and inflation! We need long-term sustainable conservative principles guiding our economy

Needed Outcome Based Education: Our students need to leave high school equipped with skills, trades or college prep. Increase the focus on employability and reduce the emphasis on leftist initiatives 

Supporting Law Enforcement, Rule of Law and Election Integrity: Our nation is lost without it! 

Reduce government taxes, regulations, spending and over-reach: control budgets and policies that are not cost-justified 

Jobs and Job Creator support tools:  Promote coordinated public/private initiatives 

Recognize that Elections Have Consequences: we are witnessing how far left policies produce painful results and damage for the country

Protecting family and pro-life issues: use time-tested conservative principles to respectfully influence the public discussion and values

Being a Christian conservative is not the only reason to vote for a candidate!  A conservative also needs to be equipped with proven experience, ability and leadership to be an effective legislator in Madison. 

Click on the [Meet Jerry] tab to learn more about how my history in business, civic involvement and conservative social issues makes a difference in those areas.  

We need a Representative who comes to the office with a wide range of knowledge, experiences and the ability to persuasively communicate his/her message in a respectful, yet firm demeanor.  I am that candidate for the 52nd District.

With your help, I will stand up for the 52nd District and make the case as to why time-tested Christian-based conservative principles are still the wise choice for Wisconsin’s policies.

Thank you and enjoy your day,


Republican Candidate for the 52nd District Assembly seat


COMMITTEE TO ELECT JERRY O'CONNOR; P.O. Box 651, Fond du Lac, WI. 54936 or call 920-948-4207

or email me at:

Campaign Manager:  Sheila Reilly Loehr, Retired Mortgage Lender Campaign Treasurer:  Mary Tighe, Retired CFO, Tighe Roofing



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